Van Accessories in Aberdare

Our South Wales mobile fitting team are pleased to offer our mobile fit service to all businesses and residents of Aberdare. We offer an array of products which can be installed on site at your work premises, or at your home to minimise the amount of time your vehicle is off the road.

Our mobile fit service includes, but not limited to:

Lining in Aberdare
Ply Lining in Aberdare

Ply Lining offers the most basic, yet essential protection for the load area of your vehicle.

Our ply lining kits are designed and cut using the latest in CAD and CNC technologies, to ensure the perfect fit everytime.

All kits are pre-drilled to ensure that the kits are fitted identically, using the same number of fixings each and everytime.

Our ply lining kits are available for fitting at our workshop in Cwmbran, South Wales or you can take advantage of our mobile fit service, where we can arrange to fit at a time and location convenient for you.
Poly Lining in Aberdare

Poly Lining offers the same great protection as ply lining, with a fraction of the weight.

This is the ideal solution for fleet operators looking to maximise the load capacity of their vehicle(s), whilst ensuring there is no damage to the outer of vehicle by cargo moving around in the load area.

  • Massive weight saving benefit versus plywood
  • Completely waterproof
  • Very strong due to its 'bubble' construction core.
Carpet Lining in Aberdare

Carpet lining offers an aesthetically pleasing option compared with plywood, whilst offering the same protection

Our team will give your van a great look, trimmed in a high quality lining carpet to a very high standard.

Whether you are looking for simply the panels carpet lined, or the whole van including pillars and bulkhead, we have a solution for you

  • Reduces road noise
  • Improves insulation (we recommend insulating the van before carpeting)
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your taste
Phenolic Floor in Aberdare

Our phenolic floor lining is manufactured from high quality, phenolic resin impregnated birch plywood.

This offers anti-slip properties, and also improves vehicle protection over traditional plywood floors

  • Anti-Slip
  • Water resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Increased protection to van
Checkerplate Floor in Aberdare

Our laser cut checkerplate lining offers the ultimate floor upgrade to your vehicle

Whether you are looking for a solution to carry chemicals, or simply need a very hard wearing floor, this is the ideal solution for you

To improve strength, we also fold the edges of lining over the ply board
  • Extra strong floor lining
  • Ideal for transportation of chemicals
  • Laser cut and folded for a perfect fit
Internal Storage in Aberdare
MR4 Internal Racking in Aberdare

The new MR4 Modular Racking range from Rhino takes our design principles of quality, innovation and stunning aesthetics to a whole new level with our first internal van product. It provides van users with the perfect system for organising their tools and equipment to help them work as efficiently as possible.

This strong yet lightweight van racking system comes with a bespoke fitting kit for every vehicle to ensure the right fit.

The height and length of each racking unit is carefully designed to maximise the storage potential of your van’s cargo area.

Sleek, modern design that van users have come to expect from Rhino Products.

Built to last with leg panels and shelves made from powder coated high-tensile steel, the MR4 range is strong yet lightweight. For peace of mind, the system has been rigorously safety tested including undergoing a controlled crash test at an external crash laboratory.
Plywood Racking in Aberdare

Bits4Vans offer a complete solution for plywood racking.

All of our plywood racking is designed in house using the latest CAD technology, then cut on our state of the art CNC router. It is then assembled and installed into your vehicle.

Our design team will discuss your requirements with you, then arrange for the racking to go through our design and build process.

Our racks are built from 18mm plywood for sides, shelves and back stops and 12mm plywood for front up stands.
False Floor in Aberdare

A false floor is the ideal solution to utilise some of the space in your van, which otherwise would be unused.

We design and install false floors to suit your requirements

Whether you want to store ladders, 8x4 sheets, lengths of material or anything else you may require...we will build the right solution for you.
Tool Stores in Aberdare

In-van tool storage is quintessential to everyday business, so it is essential to keep the tools safe, tools which you work long and hard to pay for to ensure you can offer your services.

At Bits4Vans we always look for the best products to improve the safety of your tools.

We buys lockable tool stores from a few select suppliers, those who we believe offer the best products. We can then install these for you, like our other supply and fit products at a convenient time and location to keep your business moving.
External Storage in Aberdare
Rhino Pipe Tube Pro in Aberdare

The first complete redesign of Rhino’s hugely popular 3m PipeTube since its launch in 2005, the PipeTube Pro is Europe’s new leading system for securely and safely transporting copper pipe, plastic conduit and other lengthy materials.

The new stylish design features an optional full-length PVC lining, an upgraded integral locking system and an added rubber seal to reduce water entering the tube. In addition, the PipeTube Pro retains all the features that made it the product of choice for professional van users, such as a market leading carry capacity, twin openings and full professional crash testing and safety accreditation.
Roofbars & Racks in Aberdare
KammBar Pro in Aberdare

The new generation of commercial vehicles needs the new generation of van accessories. Aerodynamic, stylish and corrosion resistant, KammBar Pro is the leading roof bar of choice for professional van users. Made from anodised aluminium, KammBar Pro increases the storage capability of any van, while its modern design not only provides great aesthetics but also limits wind noise. With two pairs of load stops supplied as standard the KammBar Pro is the ultimate roof bar system to take your van to the next level.

The unique shape of the bar profile is inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm – a pioneering aerodynamicist who established that a teardrop shape such as this is ideal for reducing drag.

The final touch to our premium roof bar solution, all KammBar Pro systems come with two pairs of our brand new design load stops as standard.
KammBar Fleet in Aberdare

The high-tensile alloyed steel construction of Rhino’s KammBar Fleet makes it one of the strongest roof bar systems on the market. Available for a range of commercial vehicles, the stylish and practical design means KammBar Fleet enhances both the appearance and storage capabilities of any van.

The unique shape of the bar profile is inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm – a pioneering aerodynamicist who established that a teardrop shape such as this is ideal for reducing drag.

All KammBar Fleet systems come with two pairs of our brand new design load stops included in the same box.
KammRack Black in Aberdare

Introducing the KammRack Black.

All the market leading features of the regular KammRack, but with a stylish black finish.

The highly aerodynamic nose cones provide minimal wind noise and great aesthetics – now with matching colour side frames for a seamless all-black finish.

The rear roller is made from anodised aluminium, which is every bit as strong as its steel predecessor. The rear roller clicks into place when fitting, with two simple track nuts in the side frames.

As modern commercial vehicles continue to reduce in weight, the requirement for strong but lightweight accessories has also increased. The KammRack Black shares the same weight reduction as the regular KammRack, without compromising on strength.
KammRack in Aberdare

Extremely aerodynamic and our quickest ever fitting roof rack, requiring only person to install, the KammRack replaces Rhino’s AluminiumRack product, which was a market leading commercial vehicle roof storage system.

While at first glance the rack looks similar to its predecessor, a large number of changes have gone into taking this product to the next level. Most notably, and as implied by the name, the rack now benefits from the ultra-aerodynamic ‘Kamm’ bar profile, as well as sharing its feet with the KammBar range.

The highly aerodynamic nose cones provide minimal wind noise and great aesthetics.

The rear roller is made from anodised aluminium, which is every bit as strong as its steel predecessor but also fits in better aesthetically with the rest of the rack. The rear roller clicks into place, with two track nuts in the side frames
Access Solutions in Aberdare
Rear Access Steps in Aberdare

Whether you are looking for a rear step for safe access to loads, or you require bumper protection, we can offer you the perfect solution

Rhino AccessStep
AccessStep has been designed with the day to day health and safety of van users in mind, with a high visibility reflective label and a wide anti-slip tread. It not only facilitates easier rear vehicle entry, but also provides a secure and stable platform from which to reach the roof of your van. This eliminates the need to stretch or climb on a tyre while loading or unloading goods stored on top of your vehicle – both of which are common sources of van-related accidents.

Rhino ImpactStep
Rhino Products’ ImpactStep protects your vehicle from low-speed parking and loading impacts. This significantly reduces body repair costs and vehicle downtime, which leads to big savings, particularly across entire fleets. ImpactStep is fitted with advanced shock absorbing units and a special pivoting bracket that protects the vehicle from low-speed impacts to keep your van moving.

Rhino TowStep
The TowStep is a rear access step which features a user friendly removable centre section, allowing a trailer to be attached effortlessly in a matter of seconds. This feature allows trailers to complete an impressive industry leading turning angle of 110 degrees. With the bolts provided, the TowStep can be fitted trouble-free to any flange type towbar.

Rhino offer the Connect+, to seamlessly integrate the step into your vehicle’s existing electronics. The anti-slip tread is available in either black or yellow.
Side Access Steps in Aberdare

Our side access steps can be used for a wide range of requirements, including taxis, ambulances and those needing assistance when entering / exiting the side door of their vehicle

Electric and manual steps available, and can be foot operated, or open automatically with the sliding door.
Ladder Access & Restraints in Aberdare
Rhino SafeStow4 in Aberdare

SafeStow4 is the perfect tool for transporting ladder systems on the roof of your vehicle. SafeStow4® enables you to load/unload, secure and assists in lifting ladders onto the roof of your vehicle all from the safety of ground level at the rear of the vehicle.

  • Enables Safe Loading, Securing & Lifting Of Ladders Onto The Roof The Vehicle
  • New BeltStow & Anti-Vibration Assembly System Enhances Overall Ladder Protection
  • Available In Four Options To Carry Single, Dual, Extra Wide & Special Purpose Ladders
  • Special Purpose SafeStow4® Designed For Carrying Fibre Glass Ladder Systems
  • Fully Adjustable Gas-Ram Assisted Lifting & Lowering
  • Constructed From Highly Robust Aluminium Alloy
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Available in 2.2 & 3.1m Lengths (van dependent)
  • Lockable For Added Security (Padlock Not Included)
  • TUV Rheinland Certified & 20g Crash Tested
SafeStow4 has been designed to fit to roof rack or roof bar systems (minimum of 3 cross bars required) in order to load, secure, lift and lower your ladder systems whilst keeping both feet firmly planted on the floor.

SafeStow4 is constructed from highly robust aluminium alloy which makes it lightweight, rust resistant and aesthetically pleasing to enhance your roof bar or roof rack system. Ladders are better protected than ever with our new Anti-Vibration assembly, hardwearing double restraining strap system and new wider and deeper rubber cross bar inserts.

SafeStow4 also features our new BeltStow system which has been designed to securely hold straps away when ladders are not in use on the SafeStow4
Rhino SafeClamp in Aberdare

SafeClamp incorporates strength, speed and style to provide a revolutionary ladder clamping system.

SafeClamp uses a composite beam structure and stainless steel anchor hook which offers high strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance

The innovative one touch clamping method (patent pending) ensures that the operation is 5 times faster than traditional screw-down ladder clamps.

Supplied complete with key locks, 2 keys supplied
Rhino Aluminium Ladder in Aberdare

The Rhino AluminiumLadder combines strength and style, to provide one of the most aesthetically pleasing roof access products available for commercial vehicles. By utilising highly robust aluminium handrails and glass filled nylon rungs, the AluminiumLadder offers an extremely lightweight solution. Each model is more than 50% lighter than Rhino’s old steel ladders, and has been rigorously tested to a safe working load of 120kg per ladder.

The AluminiumLadder is available in 6, 7 and 8 rung configurations with bespoke fitting kits to suit a variety of popular commercial vehicles.
Lighting in Aberdare
Beacons in Aberdare

Bits4Vans offer a range of beacons from reputable manufacturers to suit all applications.

We focus on LED lighting for the brightest output with lowest power draw.

All flashing beacons are professionally installed by our install teams, at a time and location to suit you.
Lightbars in Aberdare

Grille/Pillar Lights in Aberdare

Our grille and pillar lights offer a fantastic light output with an exceptional wide viewing angle while only drawing 7 watts.

These strobe lights are ECE Reg 65 compliant and IP67 waterproof rated.

Multi-voltage for use on 12 or 24 volt vehicles
Work Lamps in Aberdare

Our range of worklamps are the perfect solution to offer directional light to the areas you require.

We can install our worklamps in a position which best suits you, to ensure you have the best light in the area you require it most.

Our worklamps draw just 27 watts of power, whilst offering a fantastic 2600 lumens.
Internal LED Lighting in Aberdare

We offer a range of LED lights which will greatly improve the lighting within the cargo area.

We will discuss your requirements with you, to ensure the lights we offer are the solution you require to light the cargo area for the purpose you desire.

OE lighting is rarely sufficient to light the cargo area of your vehicle, so additional/replacement lighting is essential to make your cargo area work for you.
Electrical in Aberdare
Reverse Sensors in Aberdare

Reverse Cameras in Aberdare

Bluetooth Kits in Aberdare

Head Units in Aberdare

Dash Cams in Aberdare

Hand Wash Systems in Aberdare

240v Supply in Aberdare

Split Charge Systems in Aberdare

Towbars in Aberdare
Fixed Towbars in Aberdare

Fixed Towbars are available as fixed flange or swan neck. With a fixed flange, it is possible to tow and carry cycles at the same time.
  • Not suitable for use with bumper shields
  • Suitable for use with AL-KO towballs
  • Can be used with an adjustable height plate
  • A choice of towing couplings and accessories can be fitted

Available with 7 or 13 pin electrics
Detachable Towbars in Aberdare

We offer complete installation of detachable fixed flange or swan neck Towbars. With a detachable fixed flange, it is possible to tow and carry cycles at the same time.
  • Compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • Less likely to trigger reversing sensors
  • Cannot be fitted with a bumper shield

Available with 7 or 13 pin electrics
Tow Steps in Aberdare

Security in Aberdare
Hook Locks in Aberdare

Dead Locks in Aberdare

Slam Locks in Aberdare

Replocks in Aberdare

General Accessories in Aberdare
Tailored Seat Covers in Aberdare

Tailored Floor Mats in Aberdare

First Aid Boxes in Aberdare

Fire Extinguishers in Aberdare

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